Our Story

Growing up, our founder, Kwasi Ampadu having lived in a deprived community where animals and children will have to struggle to drink from the same river, grew in him the need and urgency for a solution.

Initially together with a passionate team, they put together money meant for lunch and supper to be able to raise some money and buy basic need for these deprived kids …

Having observed the emergence of technology around him but the educational system in Ghana did, and still does, little to progress the next generation of Ghanaians into the digital world. Also grew in him the need for a facility which will teach children in Ghana free computer skills, especially the deprived child.

“Although I found my later years  into computers through graphic and web design, most of it is self-taught through internet resources. If I would have earlier exposure and access to such technology, my career might have accelerated.” Ampadu says,

However not in despair, he created the CAS Project as a platform to give needy children free access to learn Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and to use it as a tool for empowerment.

Having the passion in drawing and painting , our founder understands and knows by experiential knowledge the benefit of embedding Art into children through imagination, children generate ideas, and ideas are the engine of today’s global economy.