Volunteer FAQ

The Answers to Your Questions

Becoming a volunteer means giving your time and resources to help those in need while experiencing different cultures. You often hear people say, ‘Volunteering with Abofra Foundation changed my life,’ and it’s true! Join a grassroots charity where you can dive into hands-on work, create a real impact, live among the local community, and find a sense of fulfillment that goes beyond just making donations. It’s an experience that transforms both the giver and the receiver.

No, at Abofra Foundation, everyone is welcome! A passionate heart with the eagerness to adjust and also learn new things is all it takes. 

Understanding English basics is essential for fostering effective communication

Many are surprised by the idea of paying to volunteer. However, the volunteering cost covers essential amenities like accommodation, meals, transportation, and local support staff in Ghana, ensuring a comfortable stay during your time here. Comparatively, when you factor in expenses for lodging and dining out, the costs become quite reasonable.

As a registered non profit, Abofra Foundation operates on non-profit program fees, every contribution directly supports sponsoring local underprivileged children.

Pre-departure handbook (details on everything you need to know about your arrival in Ghana), rent for accommodation throughout your stay, utility bills (electricity, water, and gas), orientation to familiarise yourself with the community you serve), continual assistance from members of Abofra Foundation staff and 24/7 emergency support.

There are alot you can do. Our team is dedicated to helping you discover the best tourist sites, ensuring safety checks, and offering recommendations for accommodations and tour guides when needed. You’ll have a wide array of exploration options, from visiting monkey sanctuaries and enjoying safari rides to hiking trails, mesmerizing waterfalls, vibrant open street markets, enriching museums, and historical forts and castles.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to be in the Ogbojo community  a suburb in Accra, with real experience to reality of the kids. Safety and security are our hallmark laced with hospitable reception.


In your day-to-day work at Abofra Foundation you’ll be helping the local impoverished children, their families, and the whole community. But ultimately, how much contribution and work do you want to provide to Abofra foundation, depends on you.

For the Abofra Art Project, materials such as pencils, erasers, white papers, paper arts, pen, crayons, pencil colours, Poster colours, musical instruments etc are welcomed ….

For the Computer Afternoon School tools such as mouse, keyboards, pendrives, hard drives, laptops, monitors, system units etc are welcome.

Also donation in cash goes a long way to support us maintain daily operations of Abofra Foundation such as light bills, internet, transportations, occasional food for the deprived kids etc

Depending on the Project you are volunteering for, there are materials and tools needed the most. However materials and tools you deem fit for the deprived kids and for smooth operation of our organisation is welcome.

We have a volunteer house with a shared accommodation in Ogbojo,  a small, but lively community in the Madina Municipality. The community is made up of lots of friendly people.

Our bedrooms offer shared accommodation for up to four people, featuring bunk beds allocated by gender. Additionally, we have two private rooms with double beds, perfect for couples. You can either bring your own mosquito net or purchase one affordably here. Our facilities include basic bathrooms with running water for showering and toilet use.

Most of our volunteer placements have Wi-Fi available either at the project site or in the volunteer house accommodation. However, volunteers are kindly requested to contribute to the Wi-Fi costs as many wish to use it for uploading photos and videos to social media, which can be quite expensive.

As our cherished volunteer, there are dedicated staff to work closely with you and communicate regularly making sure your time and efforts are productive and also cater to your individual needs.

Few times you might work with other volunteers who share your same interest , which we believe is a good way to network

Your security is assured,  these are mandatory steps to guarantee the success of all our programs.

Please Contact us for more informations.