CAS (Computer Afternoon School)  Project

Project Description

Computer Afternoon School (CAS) Project is a free computer training school for deprived children from the ages of 6 to 17 years old. The training is every day, between the hours of 3-6pm.  Most children close from school by 2pm. CAS provides these children hands on computer training and also engages them positively, hence avoiding the children from involving in any social vices. It carried out on weekdays and on Saturday’s (9am to 11am) morning.

Project Objective

  1. Aims at empowering deprived children through I.C.T training.
  2. Aims at reducing the incidence of social vices through engaging the children positively.
  3. To increase computer literacy among children especially the deprived.

Abofra Art Project

Project Description

Abofra means child in Twi (local parlance). The Abofra Art Project is a platform that offers many benefits and foremost is how the arts grow the imagination of children especially the deprived.  Through imagination, children generate ideas, and ideas are the engine of today’s global economy.

We at Abofra Foundation, believe that by embracing creativity in children, they then embark on a journey create and innovate.

Project Objective

1, Fosters children’s creativity and develops their empathy.
2, Cultivate children’s imagination, reduce violence, and re-mediate suffering.
3, Bring together wonderful people from all over the world to share and learn by exchanging creative/cultural ideas with our students in Ghana to shape their future.



No need to be a professional at dancing or music or drawing etc. Just come with a passionate heart for children and love to empower them through creativity.


Local/International volunteers for The Abofra Art Project, are required to bring along any creative tool/object ranging from drums, guitars, colour books, traditional instruments, crayons, drawing books, speakers/blue-tooth speakers for music/dance, water colour etc