Can I still keep in touch with my family while I’m volunteering, how can I make phone calls home?
Yes you can. You can purchase a sim card in Ghana to make prepaid calls to home. Abofra Foundation cordinator will assist you buy a sim card when you arrive in Ghana and prepaid minutes. A sim card is approximately $1 USD and you will have to top up with credit to be able to make calls.
If you bring a phone from home for calling you need to make sure that is it ‘unlocked’ from your phone provider in your home country.


Will I have access to the internet at host family?
There is intenet to check your emails. You can also access the internet using an unlocked smart phone and a local sim card.


Where will I stay when i arrive in Ghana?
There is accommodation available for volunteers with host families. Is an opportunity for volunteers to experience and learn more about how Ghanaian families live.


What type of clothes should I wear in Ghana?
Ghana is a tropical country, meaning also hot and humid all year round. Sometimes rainy.We recommend wearing clothes suitable for a hot environment such as shorts and t-shirts.


Do I need a visa to travel to Ghana?
Yes, all nationalities (other than a few West African Countries) require a visa to enter Ghana. Even if you have traveled to Ghana before you will require a new visa each time you enter the country. You can apply for a visa from the Ghanaian High Commission or Ghanaian Consulate in your home country. All visas are valid for entry to Ghana within 3 months of the issue date, therefore we recommend that you apply for your visa 2-3 months before you arrival date .


How long does my Ghanaian visa last and what do I do if I need to extend my visa?
All Ghanaian visas last for 60 days from the date you arrive in Ghana. If you are volunteering for longer than 60 days we will assist you to obtain an extension of your visa. The cost for the extension is approximately 40 GHS per month (about US$20). Any volunteers staying for more than 90 days will also require a non-resident card, which must be purchased at the time of obtaining a visa extension. The cost of a non-resident card is approximately US$120.


Do I need any vaccinations to volunteer in Ghana?
We recommend that you speak to your doctor regarding suitable vaccinations. However we recommend the following vacations before volunteering in Ghana:

Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Cholera (oral liquid)
Malaria (tablets)
Yellow Fever

I have really enjoyed volunteering in Ghana and want to extend my volunteer work, is this possible?
Yes it’s definitely possible to extend your placement whilst in Ghana. Please inform us if you would like to do this and we can assist you.


I want to make a donation to the charity, how can I do this?
Donations are not compulsory however we understand that some volunteers wish to make donations towards our good cause after volunteering. We ask that you discuss any donations with the program coordinator.

You want to travel on the weekends and/or after my program finishes, how can I make travel arrangements?
Please speak to your program coordinator if you require assistance to make travel arrangements. There are amazing tourist sites you can visit.

You have more questions? worry not … kindly send to info@abofra.org and we will get back at you soon!